February 2017

No incidents reported for this month.

January 2017

No incidents reported for this month.

December 2016

Database server down
The hardware provider has resolved the issue. This was the second time in just 16 days this happened on our most valuable server (the database). This is unacceptable and we will be looking into alternative database hosting.
Dec 15, 04:31-04:51 CET

November 2016

Feeder is down
Our database server is back up and we're combing through everything to make sure nothing is weird. Feel free to contact support@feeder.co if you have any questions.
Nov 28, 13:07-13:57 CET
Database Downtime
A heavy query caused the database to crash due to Out of Memory issues. To try to resolve this I restarted the database, which would then not go back up. After some investigation a bad configuration value was keeping the database from booting. It fixed and the service is back up. We're really sorry about this, please contact support@feeder.co if you have further questions.
Nov 7, 13:04 CET

October 2016

Connectivity issues
A slow query was blocking the database. We aborted the query and everything is back up. We have added additional logging and will monitor this to understand why it happened.
Oct 9, 14:46-14:50 CET
Database restart
Everything should be back up at this time. Please e-mail support@feeder.co if you are seeing anything odd.
Oct 3, 12:53-12:55 CET

September 2016

feeder.co unavailable
The feeder.co domain and feeder crawler services were unavailable due to a database outage. A blog post is coming up on our blog about the incident.
Sep 29